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TM Sweetale

Sweets are created to give joy and happiness to all who taste them.
The idea of creating a Sweetale brand came to my mind a long time ago.
I want our products to fill people's lives with new flavors and their hearts with love.
Gathering traditional recipes for sweets from everywhere, I collaborated with world-renowned confectioners, true masters of their craft.
I was looking for the best ingredients for future delicacies.
Every day I constantly monitor consumer feedback, because we work for you.
So, we invite you to the world of sweet ideas of the confectionery factory "Sweetale".

безкоштовна доставка при оформленні замовлення на суму від 700 грн на сайті

TM "Sweetale" is one of the leading confectionery factories  Ukraine, located in the city of Kremenchuk.

The history of formation of the confectionery enterprise TM "Sweetale" begins in 2003. It was then that for the first time the products of Sweetale which appeared on store shelves, impressed customers with their taste and quality, because these confectionery products are made only from natural raw materials.

The range of confectionery products produced at the company is regularly updated to take into account the wishes of customers. Sweetale products have special taste qualities and high energy value.

The main task of the confectionery company is to manufacture products on modern European equipment of the required quantity and high quality to meet demand. The main goal of the company is to focus on the consumer, his tastes, requirements, and achieve maximum product quality.

Specialists of our company are constantly working to improve recipes, production technologies and develop new products. The whole production process is carefully controlled, so you can be sure of the quality of our product.

It is difficult to imagine a confectionery company without the production of cookies. The shop of flour confectionery of TM "Sweetale" lets out about 40 kinds of various cookies: shortbread, with additives and without, with condensing milk, with fruit fillers, decorated, glazed, puff. And it's all for every taste!

Almost all types of cookies TM "Sweetale" are made according to the original classic recipes.

The candy production plant has been operating since 2005. It all started with one production line, now there are eight such lines, which allowed to increase production. These are chocolates, grilled candies, candies with whipped cream and jelly shells. Candy is a unique product, tasty, sweet, delicious, it gives customers joy only by its presence on the table. Now the shop produces 34 types of sweets.



    The first marmalade began to be made in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean during the Crusades. Of all the sweets, marmalade is the "right" and most useful. Now it is made on the basis of agar-agar, carrageenan, pectin and other natural ingredients. Agar-agar is made from algae, pectin - from dietary fiber, which is found in apples, apricots, citrus.

    Marmalade has been proven to relieve stress and is a wonderful antidepressant.

    All this makes marmalade TM "Sweetale" not only delicious but also useful.

    Oriental sweets are confectionery products that contain, in addition to ordinary raw materials (sugar, molasses, flour, etc.), additives and spices (starch, poppy seeds, nuts, almonds, etc.) in combinations not typical of ordinary confectionery. Oriental sweets of TM "Sweetale" are issued in the form of candies - rahat-lukum and nougat.

    TM "Sweetale" constantly presents its products at prestigious competitions, reviews and tastings and has high awards. In 2011, a food quality and safety management system was introduced and operates effectively. The system meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 and DSTU ISO 22000: 2007 and covers all processes that operate in the enterprise. Unique recipes, high-quality raw materials, inspiration and respect are the sources of the wonderful taste range of products of the Sweetale Confectionery Factory, which are created according to carefully verified recipes. The main goal of the company is to focus on the consumer, his tastes, requirements, and achieve maximum product quality.

    The Sweetale company lets out shortbread cookies, with additives and without, with condensed milk, with fruit fillers, decorated, glazed, puff. Chocolates are just a fairy tale! Grilled candies, whipped and jelly candies, marmalade, Turkish delight - it's all for every taste!

    Natural high-quality raw materials, modern high-tech equipment and the desire to create a tasty and healthy product help to get delicacies that are of high quality, excellent taste and unusual performance.



    The production is equipped with high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers of the European Union. Equipment of this level provides full automation of the technological process, increased quality control of products. Particularly high demands are placed on the quality of raw materials. After all, the quality of raw materials is the key to product quality.

    To create a tasty and healthy product, the factory puts a lot of effort into finding reliable suppliers of high quality raw materials.

    The factory's specialists work with the best, proven suppliers - world leaders.

    You can be sure of the quality of our product.

    "The world of sweet ideas" from TM "Sweetale" gives amazing pleasure to the most refined connoisseurs.

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